• True Bliss Massage & Reiki

  • Jessica M

    Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master

  • Jessica is an intuitive manual therapist. She is in awe of the body and its incredible way of supporting, protecting and transforming itself. She loves her work because in working with the body, it is apparent that; it is a language that wants to be understood, and it has an eloquent yet complex way of telling a story. It is a 1,000 piece puzzle that wants to be solved. Jessica believes that massage has the power to transform our lives because massage is one of our primary senses, it is one of the ways our body receives information from the world. She takes heart in knowing it is her job to remind the body that touch can be nurturing, supportive and safe to receive. She specializes in trauma informed bodywork as the body holds energetic memories which can be stored within its intricate system. She specializes in Reiki, deep tissue massage, sports massage, and myofascial release. Each session has its own customizable flow to fit your unique needs and goals.