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    "It has come to my attention through my years of being a bodyworker that there seems to be a general consensus among people: we wish our partners were better at massaging us when we need it! We love our partners and want to help each other, but not many of us have the skills to help each other the way we want. We also can’t always get to a Massage Therapist at the exact time we need! With love, and in an effort to support happy relationships and happy bodies, I have created a series of workshops to teach couples how to massage each other at home and even during labor!"

    ~Sarah Beth Lombardo, Owner of True Bliss Massage & Reiki

    Partner Massage Workshop

    A couples workshop where you and your partner will learn easy, effective ways to massage each other at home! Learn body mechanics and techniques for common areas we desire massage. Gone will be the days of your partner missing the spot completely, or quitting after 5 minutes because their hands are tired. An awesome holiday or anniversary gift. Earn serious brownie points with the person you love.

    Birth Prep Partner Massage Workshop

    Anticipating what your birth will be like can be scary. Relieve feelings of uncertainty by taking this workshop with the person who will be supporting you through your labor and delivery. The supporting person learns massage techniques to relax and open Mom’s low back and pelvic muscles, ease tension in the back, and soothe her nervous system. Learn ways to stay connected and navigate one of the most profound experiences of your life in a way that will be bonding and positive. Upon completing the workshop you’ll be breathing easier, feeling more connected and confident going into your birth.