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I cannot describe here how incredible Sarah's work is. I've been doing Reiki for many years and Sarah is in a completely elevated league of her own. Sarah was able to hold the space for me in a way that no other person has to really deeply work through and release some major energetic blocks in my root chakra. The release and clarity that came afterwards blew me away. Sarah stayed late and talked me through a lot of the work she did with me and I cannot thank her enough for her guidance, support and loving energy. On top of that, she's a female business owner and is the true hidden gem of the Denver reiki scene. I will come from the mountains regularly to see Sarah as I truly felt that she was brought into my life for a reason. It does not get better than Sarah and I'm absolutely blown away by her abilities. I wish I would've been able to work with Sarah when I was first learning about Reiki. If you're feeling hesitant about energy work and unsure where to start, go to Sarah! She will walk you through the process, what to expect and how to get started and through that, you'll get to see her kind heart and loving intentions. Her cozy office will make you feel so comfortable! I really liked that there was only one bed in her shop. It really made you feel special like you weren't going to get rushed through the process. Thank you Sarah for spreading your light and for being so, so generous during our first of many meetings!


I had my very first reiki healing session. I had requested a 90 minute reiki session. When I first walked in the door, Sarah greeted me and asked if I would like any tea while she went over the reiki process, which was wonderful! After only 10 minutes of the session starting I noticed I started to feel lighter, as Sarah continued to remove negative energy layers and replenish them with healing energy. The following 80 minutes was such a surreal experience! Time & space ceased to be anything I had to keep track of, all my thoughts had to focus on was the healing I was receiving. I woke up at the end of the session feeling more relaxed than I ever have in my life! Calm does not even scratch the surface of what I felt. It was True Bliss, thank you Sarah! I will be back soon!


True bliss has simply blown me out of the water with their impeccable service. Palynn is helping me through some trauma work with ongoing craniosacral therapy and I have never felt more connected to myself. The work she does leaves me feeling so relaxed and I never feel more grounded than after a session with her- and she's such a wonderful person that is easy to get comfortable with her, even when together we are approaching such a daunting task. I must also give a shout out to Emilio as he helped me tackle immense pain I was having in ways I haven't seen used before at other practices- he (metaphorically) kicked my butt! Much of my pain has totally dissipated after just one session 🙂 Am so happy to have found this incredible team. Thanks for being amazing True Bliss!