• Monthly Specials

  • I hope you are all enjoying your summer so far! Getting out in nature so we can reset is such an important part of our wellness routine and can help us stay mindful and relaxed.

    As many of you have noticed, True Bliss has been getting quite busy! In reaching a point where I am nearly at capacity for the amount of massages I am able to do per month, I am learning a few things... First, even working as much as I possibly can, my modest prices do not allow me to cover the costs of running True Bliss. As rent and other expenses go up, I need to raise my prices in order to stay in business and keep giving all of you the massages you love.

    Second, I need to hire another Massage Therapist! Having a second Massage Therapist at True Bliss will allow me to provide massage seven days a week, for longer hours each day. I will take the task of finding a special person to represent True Bliss thoroughly and with the most sincere care. I love and appreciate every single one of you and am grateful for your continued loyalty and support of True Bliss.

    July Special

    In the transition into the needed price increase, I would like to offer the opportunity to purchase massage packages or join the Wellness Warrior's Club at the pre-increase price through the month of July.

    Both may be purchased online.


    Price Increase

    30 minute-$50
    60 minute-$85
    90 minute-$110
    2 hour-$130
    True Canna Bliss-$110
    Raindrop Therapy-$140

    If the price increase prevents you from continuing your regular therapeutic massage care, please contact me directly. Thank you again for your continued support and Happy July!