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New Look… New Location!

We’re Moving, but don’t worry, we’re not going far! We’re so thrilled to share with you that we’ve been given the opportunity to take over the space next door! We joyously extend the deepest gratitude to each and every one of you for all of your support over the last six and a half years. You are what have made this growth possible and we can’t wait bring you an elevated and expanded list of services in our new space next door! If you don’t already follow us @trueblissmassage on Instagram, please do! We’ll be keeping you up to date through our transition there and offering new sales, services and products on Instagram as well. Don’t miss out!

Our Grand Opening in the new space, 740 E. 18th Ave, will be August 1st. Keep an eye on our instagram for an announcement about our Grand Opening Celebration where there will be food, fun and prizes!

What’s Changing?

With our new logo, new location and new employees added to our team at True Bliss, there’s definitely a lot to be excited about! We’ll be adding new services such as hot stone massage and additional forms of sound healing over the coming months! We’ll also have space for lots more retail. We’re looking forward to showcasing some more local jewelry, artists and other small businesses! We’re also excited to be offering new True Bliss tank tops, hoodies, coozies and stickers. We’re now offering new clients a $10 discount on any session, so please share this email with anyone you know who hasn’t discovered True Bliss just yet!

What’s staying the Same?

With all this change, we want you to know that there are some things that will always stay the same at True Bliss. No matter how much we grow, you can feel secure and count on being treated with compassion, respect and non judgement. Quoting this interview from Shoutout Colorado with Sarah Beth, the founder and owner of True Bliss Massage & Reiki, “One of the main mission statements of True Bliss Massage & Reiki is that it’s never too late to rewrite your story. We believe touch is an incredibly powerful and natural instrument of healing, and that we have the ability to facilitate healing in ourselves and each other much more than we often realize. Our logo is a butterfly, symbolizing our sacred ability to draw within and recreate ourselves. The butterfly shows us that the most magnificent and capable version of ourselves is often times yet to be manifested. We want people to know that we will always accept them exactly the way they are each time they arrive. Our mission is to work from a space of love, drawing on a high echelon of skill sets to embrace people with highest level of care and encouragement. Healing is for everyone, and all our welcomed and honored at True Bliss.”

These are principles that will never waiver. We are honored to have the priviledge of caring for you at True Bliss and we promise to always provide a space that is safe and healing. We hope all of you have a safe and fun holiday weekend and we can’t wait to see you in our new location!! Please feel more than welcome, as always, to reply to this email with any questions!

In Love and Gratitude,

Sarah Beth