Massage FAQ/Ettiquete

Read our massage FAQs & massage ettiquete below

Should I tip my Massage Therapist?

Yes. Tipping for good service in the massage industry is congruent to the way you’d tip a server or bartender. 20% is an appropriate tip for good service, tipping in excess of 20% for exceptional service is always welcomed!

What do I need to know about the space?

True Bliss is a place people come to relax and bliss out! We want to honor the experiences our guests are having without disruption. We ask that you please speak softly when entering our space, for there is bliss in progress.

Should I take off my underwear?

Undress down to your comfort level. If you’re comfy all the way nude, that’s great! If you feel more comfy leaving on your underwear, or any other clothing, that’s great too! Neither way is “weird”. Your private areas will always remain covered. We will respectfully and professionally undrape only the area of your body being massaged at one time.

Am I welcome at True Bliss?

Yes. ALL are welcome at True Bliss. True Bliss is a safe space. Hate and/or unkindness will not be tolerated.